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We at NCBN are guided by a vision - "To be a single point access provider bringing into the home and work place, the converged world of information, entertainment and services." We are the Franchisee of well-known IN cable net (HINDUJA GROUP), one of the largest Cable TV services company of India, spurs us to be the best in whatever we do. Established in 1996, NCBN provides quality Cable TV services in Santacruz. With fiber optic backbone across its networks and state-of-the-art distribution set ups, we bring the digital age through Cable transforming the way viewers receive information and entertainment. Currently NCBN has three broad service areas.

  • SBT Offers NCBN has introduced special offers to bring world class Digital Entertainment to your homes. Why wait? Go Digital NOW!
  • NCBN Services NCBN has launched a new world of Digital Entertainment for you with its services.
  • Why DAS? Conditional Access System is set to vastly improve the viewing experience of Indian consumers. But why do you need DAS?